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Client Testimonials

Scroll down to see how we have helped many people return from injury and become pain-free!

Simon, Norwich

I have had severe difficulties in my right shoulder for almost 8 years now. Not only is there some arthritis in the AC joint but there is also substantial chondral loss which results in impinged movement and constant debilitating pain. Over the course of the past seven years I have had my fair share of physiotherapy, steroid injections, MRIs, X-Rays and four shoulder surgeries. In addition to this I have also tried a range of complementary and alternative therapies. Not one of these treatments has given me anything more than temporary relief for several days, a week at best.

Since being discharged by the NHS earlier this year because “there is a problem, but we cannot do anything else to help” I have been at my wits end as I feared I had run out of treatment options. A friend who recently had acute back and leg pain suggested I give Steve a call as he had really helped him. The results are nothing short of miraculous… I have seen more benefit from 4 treatments with Steve & Tom than I did from 4 orthopaedic surgeries. My posture has greatly improved, pain levels are manageable and reducing quickly, my range of movement is noticeably better and I can actually sleep through the night! I cannot speak highly enough of Steve, Tom and their application of Bioneuro Sigma Q, they have improved my quality of life significantly in such a short period of time

Jeni, Cromer

I have had 2 treatments from Tom, in my own home. He is very professional and kind. The machine that he uses is amazing. It has really helped my injury and I will have another session in a couple of weeks. After that, I will have a session every so often, to detect and treat any small underlying issues that I’m not aware of. I highly recommend Tom and the technology that he’s using.

Jill, Cromer

I have had two treatments from Tom in the last few weeks. I have had a long standing frozen shoulder injury and general wear and tear from a busy lifestyle. The first treatment has produced movement in my right neck and shoulder that I haven't had for years. The second treatment was for back pain, which was very successful. The bioneural Sigma Q treatment was able to pinpoint the areas that needed treatment. It is a very successful technique and Tom is very professional in his approach. I will continue to receive regular treatments to upkeep my fitness.

Will, Norwich

I had an ongoing Hamstring problem. Been to see other physiotherapists who couldn’t resolve the issue. The progress I have made with Tom has been phenomenal. Very detailed and thorough plan set out to assure a perfect recovery - highly recommended

Lewis, Norwich

Had an ongoing issue with my knee and I had seen other practitioners within the field before seeing Tom, after one session I felt vast improvement and was no longer feeling pain doing sports and other activities, would highly recommend.

Sean, Norwich

I had serious lower back issues & went to Tom for help. After a few sessions with him and plenty of help and advice I'm close to being my self again Would highly recommend and will continue to use

Chris, Norwich

Great rehab on lower limb injury. Very professional and knowledgeable service. Highly recommended

Timothy, Norwich

Went to Tom with back and right shoulder issues and tight hamstrings. Tom was very thorough with his examination and after treatment l felt much better. This was my second appointment and would certainly recommend Tom.

Jack, Norwich

I have been seeing Tom about a long standing hip issue. Two sessions so far and the progress I'm seeing has been incredible. Tom has pinpointed the problem areas, and with a mixture of targeted exercises and Bioneuro Dry Therapy we've begun to work on the issues. If you have any niggling injuries or areas of pain, it's definitely worth getting in touch!

Rabbi, Norwich

Tom helped me loads fixing my rotator cuff issues and helping me get back to my training

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