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Noriwch NeuroMuscular Physiotherapy Bioneuro

Bioneuro System

World Leading Healthcare Treatment

GetFitStayFit Norwich is one of 2 clinics in the east of England to be able to offer the use of Sigma Q technology within treatment sessions through the use of the Bioneuro dry therapy system. Sigma Q is the only patented technology that can activate nerves and muscles, utilising the whole motor neuron pathway, Through its use, we can locate exact points of neuromuscular dysfunction, where nerves and/or muscles aren't functioning correctly, but more importantly, regain that function and remove pain. Treatment helps take individuals out of pain, regain range of motion, as well as help strengthen weakened or misfiring muscles. See the full list of unique benefits below, and why the use of Sigma Q is superior to other available treatments.

How does it Work?

Below is a very useful video which aims to simplify the process behind the technology.

Variable, analogue, micro-charged energy packets are sent around the body through the central and peripheral nervous system to actively seek out individual weak areas. This will uncover the root cause of any weaknesses that is causing the dysfunction or pain.

Once a blockage is found, a message is sent back to the brain to instruct the muscle to contract which increases the circulation at the area of weakness. The signal is able to reach and stimulate the contraction of deep muscles not normally accessible by standard massaging techniques (such as the Multifidus muscle, a common contributor to back pain) and without damaging superficial tissues.

The Bioneuro system is able to re-educate nerve pathways to repair or optimise function in muscles and nerves, with a recent study showcasing its use to reduce recovery time by 50% following muscular injury.

Why is Bioneuro right for YOU?

Overall Well-Being

  • Massage from the inside-out​​

  • 'Effortless Exercise'-zero impact workout

  • Promotes circulation

  • 'Feel good factor'

  • Encourages muscular flexibility and joint mobility

  • Increases muscular strength through muscle activation

Pain Relief

  • Address the root cause of pain by treating the dysfunction

  • Increases and maintains movement range, 

  • Decreases pain and promotes release of endorphins

  • Helps to flush lactate build up from overactive or fatigued muscles, helping reduce soreness and pain

Rapid recovery from Injury

  • Rapid results and reduced recovery time 

  • Activates the nerve and muscle

  • Eliminates compensation patterns

  • Use pre and post-operation

  • Inhibts disuse atrophy seen in injury-increases speed of recovery

Unmatched Technology

  • Only technology that can activate muscles

  • Can locate exact areas of neuromuscular dysfunction

  • Reaches deepest layer of muscle tissue

What Injuries can it help treat?

The use of Bioneuro can help treat a multitude of injuries and conditions, achieving results and positive outcomes where traditional physiotherapy and other methods haven't had success.​​​

  • Back pain

  • Rotator Cuff Dysfunction

  • Recovery from muscle strain

  • Pre and Post Operation preparation and recovery

  • Neuromuscular dysfunction

  • Muscle recovery and strengthening

  • Achilles Injury

  • Neck and Shoulder Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Tennis/Golfers Elbow

  • Carpal/Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

  • Whiplash

  • Frozen Shoulder

Why is Bioneuro more effective than other treatment options?

Sigma Q Table.png

Do you want to Feel the Benefits of Treatment?

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