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The combination of these factors can lead to a variety of issues that we see on a daily basis in our clinic, and can last with patients for 2, 5 or in some cases, 20 years.

  • Formation of trigger points in overused and underused muscles, leading to long term chronic pain.

  • Bursitis and tendinopathies

  • Muscle strains

  • Chondral and cartilage damage

Through the use of the technology we have available at our clinic, we can help prevent the common issues faced before and after surgery. The use of the Bioneuro therapy can activate the muscles whilst protecting the damaged area that is required to be immobilised, resulting in a quicker, stronger recovery post surgery due to decreased muscle atrophy. Furthermore, the same principle can be applied to the period of immobilisation following surgery, with the use of Bioneuro helping prevent muscle atrophy, subsequently, reducing recovery time, meaning you get back to doing what you love best sooner!

Pre and Post-Surgery Treatment

Preparation before surgery is just as important as the work performed afterwards, and leads to decreased recovery time, but also, better long-term clinical outcomes. But why is this?

Whether its a knee or hip replacement, ACL reconstruction, or a fracture, the period before and after surgery often requires a lengthy period of immobilisation, or significantly reduced function. During this period, when muscles aren't being used to their full potential, atrophy occurs, which means the muscles get weaker due to not being activated to their usual stimulus. Furthermore, altered movement patterns will occur, either to compensate for the immobilisation, or to compensate for the reduction function of an area. 

Do you want to feel the benefits of treatment?

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