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Sports Injuries


At GetFitStayFit we understand the importance of the 3 P’s of injury, the physiologial, physical and psychological impact of injury, with many people forgetting the last P, psychological. If you’ve had time away from the sport you love, you’ll know how damaging it can be to your overall happiness and well-being not , which is why we want to do everything we can to get you back to being pain free!

Using state of the art technology, that is used in elite sport across the world, and traditional physiotherapy methods, we can get you back to playing the sport you love. However, more importantly, through education and strength and conditioning planning, we will help reduce the risk of reinjury to ensure long term outcomes.

We all love playing sport, however, injuries do happen!

No matter how big or small, if left untreated, serious issues can occur long-term.

Have you had to stop an activity or sport?? Or want to get back to playing a sport you once loved?

We are here to help!

Do you want to Return to Sport? Or back being Active?

Click below to head to our booking page to find out how to book an appointment.

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