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Here you can find out more about what we offer within sessions at GetFitStayFit Norwich. If we can be of service to you, head to our booking page to arrange a session.

How can we help YOU?

Here at GetFitStayFit, we offer a variety of services to help YOU get to where YOU want to be. Scroll down to find out more about the variety of services we offer.

Whether it is a recent injury sustained during activity, or a long term chronic issue, we use a mixture of traditional assessment techniques as well as the use of the Bioneuro's diagnostic tool to help pinpoint exact areas of dysfunction. At GetFitStayFit we don't just treat the pain, but it's source, helping to eliminate recurring injury.
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Once areas of injury and dysfunction have been identified, we use a multi-faceted approach to help you return to a pain free quality of life using the latest scientific evidence across the physiotherapy and rehabilitation world. The use of Bioneuro Dry Therapy System, sports massage, soft tissue release techniques and rehabilitative exercises are all used within sessions to help you on your road to recovery.

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Not only is the use of soft tissue work very relaxing for you as a patient, it also promotes many responses within the body to help you recover from injury and return from pain. Through the use of soft tissue work, an increased blood and oxygen flow to the muscles can be achieved, as well as the flushing of inflammation and lactic acid build up. This affect helps release endorphins (Happy Hormones), decrease blood pressure and the occurrence of muscle spasms and cramps, leading to an overall feel good feeling, increased range of motion and flexibility as well as improved athletic performance!

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Tailored to suit your needs and facilities, from simple posture to advanced rehabilitation following surgery.

Care for our patients goes beyond just the session, with individual plans created to suit you and your injury's needs. Whether you are at the gym 5x a week, or are only able to do some simple home workouts, our plans are made with your needs in mind.

Every rehabilitation plan made is created to tailor you and your injuries needs, meaning no two plans are the same!

Whether it is a few simple exercises to regain a good posture and be pain free, or to help facilitate a return to high-level sport following surgery, rehabilitation exercises play a vital part to our service and to your recovery. 


norwich Physio Assessment Bioneuro

One of the best ways to stay injury free is simple...find the injuries before they appear!

If you're an athlete who regularly trains, or someone who periodically suffers from aches and stiffness, regular 'check ups' can help strengthen your muscles, reduce post exercise stiffness, locate potential injuries, but more importantly, help prevent them and keep you pain-free!

 Through the use of Bioneuro, we can locate areas of neuromuscular dysfunction before they even become apparent to you, preventing the dysfunction from becoming an injury or causing one.

Through an understanding of your lifestyle, or sporting demands, and the use of Bioneuro, we can target the areas of concern through a combination of Bioneuro treatment, sports massage and strengthening exercises, 

Regular Check-ups 'MOT's'

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Whether you are looking to improve your performance in sport, or want to improve your overall health, by following a formulated plan, you can reach your desired goals. We don't just give a standard exercise plan, we take into account all factors to tailor to your needs, but also assess for imbalances or dysfunction to ensure full health.

A strength and conditioning plan can be implemented as a one off session with monthly check ups to ensure progress, or alongside treatment or sports massage to facilitate an improved performance and reduce injury risk.

Strength & Conditioning

Do you want to Feel the Benefits of Treatment?

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