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Are you still suffering from long Covid? Or from a nasty infection?

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The long term impact of Covid is becoming more apparent, with many individuals feeling a long term impact following illness.

A common impact felt by many is a continued feeling of a lack of breath and energy, with these symptoms still present even a year post-illness. During serious respiratory illness, not just covid, we naturally adopt a more rounded position as we rest and try and overcome the illness, and of course, place great demands on our respiratory system and the musculature involved. 

Over the past months in our clinic, we have seen a large number of people suffering from long covid, or similar symptoms following infection. Unfortunately, many accept that this is something they now have to live with... but this is not the case!

Due to the postural changes and intense coughing during illness, respiratory musculature can become tighter, with trigger points forming too, essentially 'switching off', making breathing harder, with patients unable to perform a full deep breath.

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