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norwich Physio Assessment Bioneuro

An assessment at GetFitStayFit is like no other physiotherapy clinic. Even though we use standard physiotherapy techniques, the use of our specialist technology allows us to assess your nerves and muscles directly. Through the use of the Bioneuro's diagnostic tool, we can pinpoint exact areas of nerve and muscle dysfunction,  allowing us to then focus treatment to those areas and develop a treatment and exercise plan.

Through the use of the technology we have available at our clinic, we can help prevent the common issues faced before and after surgery. The use of the Bioneuro therapy can activate the muscles whilst protecting the damaged area that is required to be immobilised, resulting in a quicker, stronger recovery post surgery due to decreased muscle atrophy. Furthermore, the same principle can be applied to the period of immobilisation following surgery or serious illness, such as Covid, with the use of Bioneuro helping prevent muscle atrophy, subsequently, reducing recovery time, meaning you get back to doing what you love best sooner!

Injury Assessment & Treatment

Whether its a recent sports injury sustained during activity, or a long term chronic issue, we use a mixture of traditional assessment techniques as well as the use of the Bioneuro's diagnostic tool to help pinpoint exact areas of dysfunction. At GetFitStayFit we don't just treat the pain, but it's source, helping to eliminate recurring injury.

If you have sustained an injury, and would like to book an initial consultation and treatment, click the button below!

Do you want to Feel the Benefits of Treatment?

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