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Sports Massage forms a vital part of our Injury assessment and Treatment sessions, however, we also offer sports massage only sessions too.

We have two types of sports massage sessions available to be booked.

We offer a 55 minute session, priced at £45, which is aimed at focusing on multiple areas of the body.

We also have available 30 minute sessions too, priced at £30, which is regularly booked with the aim to focus on one specific area of the body.

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Sports Massage

Not only is the use of soft tissue work very relaxing for you as a patient, it also promotes many responses within the body to help you recover from injury and return from pain. Through the use of soft tissue work, an increased blood and oxygen flow to the muscles can be achieved, as well as the flushing of inflammation and lactic acid build up. This affect helps release endorphins (Happy Hormones), decrease blood pressure and the occurrence of muscle spasms and cramps, leading to an overall feel good feeling, increased range of motion and flexibility as well as improved athletic performance!

Do you want to feel the Benefits of Sports Massage?

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