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Chronic Pain

Noriwch NeuroMuscular Physiotherapy Bioneuro

Using our state of the art technology, the Sigma Q Bioneuro System, we can locate these trigger points that would be unable to be found using normal physiotherapy and acupuncture, but also begin the removal of these. The removal of trigger points will allow muscles to function properly, re-educating the nervous system and muscle to begin working again properly. Helping reduce your pain, making you feel stronger and free, but more importantly, getting you off medication and back doing what you love!

Pain is not something you should learn 'to just live with', as many GP's and healthcare professionals recommend. Yes, there are painkillers, however, these just mask the causation, rather than treat.

A common causation of chronic muscular pain is the formation of trigger points, with many remaining undetectable to human touch, and are what we call 'referred' and 'latent' trigger points, which means pain is either felt in an area different from that of the trigger point, or a trigger point that is currently not causing pain, but is still present.

Do you want to get out of Chronic Pain?

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