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Welcome to
GetFitStayFit Norwich

Norwich Based Sports and Neuromuscular Injury & Rehabilitation Clinic

Here at GetFitStayFit, we have one aim. To help our patients be as happy, mobile and strong as they can be. Whether it is treatment following trauma, dealing with chronic pain, or generally looking to keep healthy and pain free, GetFitStayFit can help you! To find out more how we can help you, explore the 'what we treat' and 'services' tab to see how we can get you out of pain!

Weekend and evening appointments are available.

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GetFitStayFit Norwich is one of 2 clinics in the East of England to be able to offer the use of Sigma Q technology within treatment sessions. Sigma Q is the only patented technology that can activate nerves and muscles throughout the whole motor neuron pathway, helping regain function, improve strength but most importantly, take you out of pain. Through its use, we can locate exact points of neuromuscular dysfunction, where the nerve and/or muscle isn’t functioning correctly, but more importantly, regain that function through treatment. Please see the 'technology' tab for more information on how this technology can help you.

Simon, Norwich

"I have had severe difficulties in my right shoulder for almost 8 years now. Not only is there some arthritis in the AC joint but there is also substantial chondral loss which results in impinged movement and constant debilitating pain. Over the course of the past seven years I have had my fair share of physiotherapy, steroid injections, MRIs, X-Rays and four shoulder surgeries. In addition to this I have also tried a range of complementary and alternative therapies. Not one of these treatments has given me anything more than temporary relief for several days, a week at best.

Since being discharged by the NHS earlier this year because “there is a problem, but we cannot do anything else to help” I have been at my wits end as I feared I had run out of treatment options. A friend who recently had acute back and leg pain suggested I give Steve a call as he had really helped him. The results are nothing short of miraculous… I have seen more benefit from 4 treatments with Steve & Tom than I did from 4 orthopaedic surgeries. My posture has greatly improved, pain levels are manageable and reducing quickly, my range of movement is noticeably better and I can actually sleep through the night! I cannot speak highly enough of Steve, Tom and their application of Bioneuro Sigma Q, they have improved my quality of life significantly in such a short period of time."

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Our Partners

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At GetFitStayFit, we are proud to be able to partner with local organisations to offer our services.


We take pride in partnering with the Norfolk Police Federation, who trust us with looking after their members and serving police officers. For more information click on the Norfolk Police tab under the 'Partnerships' section.

We are also support local football in the Norfolk area, partnering with local football coach Jordan Football Education, and sponsoring the Norfolk Combined Youth Football League.  We also have the honour to be be assisting a brand new football academy opening up at Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form in September 2023. As well as assisting in match day pitchside work and player fitness, we will also being taking an educational role to the programme too, inspiring young athletes to consider a role in the industry as well as educate themselves on how to be the best athlete they can be. For more information, click on the Local Football tab under the 'Partnerships' section.

On selected Wednesdays, we offer a pop-up clinic at Cromer Lawn Tennis & Squash Club, treating sport and occupational injuries, as well as offering general sports massage too for all aches and pains. For more information, click on the Cromer Tennis Club tab under the 'Partnerships' section.

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